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Hindsight Infrared is an infrared inspection, consulting firm.


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Our Offering

A preferred AVIVA Canada Vendor, we provide local, regional and Canada wide infrared inspections of electrical/mechanical systems, building envelopes and roofs for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our Certified Level I, II and III thermographers use the latest thermal imaging equipment and software. Arc Flash Certified and NFPA 70E compliant.

Certified Level I, II and III thermographers with additional Certifications:  Building Official, Energy Advisor, Plumber/steamfitter.

Our Reputation

At Hindsight Infrared we value our clients’ support and relationships we have built over the years. Hindsight Infrared provides infrared service, and predictive maintenance services to businesses from Government Agencies to large and small companies. Many of our clients are businesses that deal in sensitive and confidential materials and projects, protecting our client’s confidentiality and their businesses is always a primary focus to ours. Our inspection and report are objective, we provide no repairs of any issues we may document and are not affiliated with repair contractors. This provides clients with the opportunity to analyze their reports and decide on a maintenance plan that fits their schedule.

Our Practice

Reports are generated in an infrared database report program that provides historical records of equipment test status and problems reported from one inspection to the next.

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